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"Kiowa Kid"

That's right!  I'm the Kiowa Kid.  I don't look like a Kiowa Indian 'cuz I ain't one.  My Ma and Pa drug me from the east to the west on the Oregon Trail.  In Montana we stopped at a Trading Post and I watched as a trapper got a handful of coin fer sum furs he trapped.

I took a fancy to bein' on my own in the wilderness so's I jumped off'n the wagon as we pulled away with my mother's necklace in my hand.  I traded it fer a trap and off I went.  I learned how to communicate with sum of the animals.  It served me well.  I didn't even need more than one trap.  I'd set it and tell whatever animal I wanted to step on it.

As I wuz settin' the trap one day I heard somethin' behind me.  I turned and came face to face with the most fearsome critter I had seen to that point.  It were standin' on two legs, screamin' like a banshee, and tryin' to bash my head in with a big stick.  I wuz froze in fear.

When I opened my eyes after bein' knocked cold I wuz lookin' up into the most beautiful face on the planet.  Turns out the critter wuz a female Kiowa Indian named White Feather who had escaped from being held captive by the Crow Indians.  It were love at first sight.  No, that ain't right.  It were love at second sight.  It were fear at first sight.

I accompanied her to find her family in Oklahoma and stayed there with her people fer a spell learnin' the Kiowa way.  Since I had a beard at the time her Pa thought I looked like a goat.  That's where I got my name, "Kid".   It was there we got hitched.

My poor White Feather wuz a free spirit and bein' forced to stay on a reservation made her plum crazy.  We decided to head west.  We roamed the way the Kiowa used to be able to do.  We lived off'n the land.  Train tracks wuz on the land so we lived off sum train robberies, too. 

Me and my White Feather are livin' happily ever after.
Born & raised in California, Casey Meyerett enjoys spending time with his family and his pets.  He likes to head to the Colorado River and Lake Powell for boating vacations.


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