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"Lakota Lil"


I dun growed up near the Lakota Sioux territory in Nebraska with my Ma, Pa, and Granny Lil.  My Pa named me Little Sue.  My granny wuz hard of hearing and thought my Pa named me Lil Sioux- -Lil after her and Sioux after the local Indians.  Granny was mad and told Pa that he either needed to call me Lakota since there wuz lots of kinds of Sioux or just plain Lil.  Pa couldn't figger out why Granny was so mad.  He didn't think there wuz anything wrong with the name Little Sue.

I been told that Pa and Granny argued for the first two years of my life over what to call me.  Maybe that's why I answer to "hey you" so easily.  My Pa died when I wuz two so Granny ended up calling me Lakota Lil just so's there wouldn't be confusion over whether people wuz talking about her or about me since we wuz both Lil.

Even though I wuz a tow head I had lots of Lakota friends.  I dun learned how to shoot guns, arrows, and to track from them. 

After Granny and Ma died I decided to follow the setting sun.  It were hard to do that cuz I only had a little over an hour to see the setting sun each day.  I'd just be getting somewheres and the sun would set.  I'd have to sit and wait till the next night fer the sun to start setting again.

 I ran into a fella who dun thought he was a buffalo.  It were pretty weird cuz, hanging around with the Lakota, I saw real buffaloes.  He didn't look at all like a buffalo.  Maybe he wuz named by a deaf Granny, too.

He were a pretty smart fella about other stuff, though.  Somehow he knew where the sun was going to set even when it wasn't settin'.  So's I been followin' him ever since.
Lorri Larr likes horses, dancing, sewing, gambling, and shooting.   She also loves animals, especially wolves.  She's also taken to liking buffaloes ever since she met Bill Kinsey (AKA: Buffalo Bill)

Brandin' Iron Dance and Social Club


There's more pitchurs of me and my beau, Buffalo, here.
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Lakota Lil
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