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"Te-Killya Rose"

I was born in Hanford, California, in the year 1832. I was sixteen when my family lost their farm, which the railroad took by eminent domain. I guess that was all right since it woulda' been hard to sleep with a train passin' right through the kitchen.

I left Hanford for Virginia City, Nevada, where I found work as a hurdy-gurdy girl in one of the many dance halls. Hurdy-gurdy girls dance with customers who buy drinks (whiskey for them, tea for me… but they don’t know that!).

My, but those miners and teamsters surely did love to dance! And they tipped well, too.
 By the end of each night I was really tuckered out, but the money I earned made it worth a few aches and bruised toes. I saved my money and was able to return to California.  On the way there I made my money purse a little heavier by smilin' purty and cozyin' up to men.  It amazes me how easy it is to separate men and their money. 

When I got to California I purchased a small home in a beautiful little town in the southern part of the state. And now I only dance when I want to.  I still practice liftin' money off of folks.  I teamed up with a couple of other folk who weren't satisfied with their paychecks and we occasionally rob a bank or a train.  I figgers it's all right because if people didn't want to be robbed they would be more careful.  Don't you think?

Oh yes, people have asked me how I got the moniker Te-Killya Rose. One evening a teamster came in the dance hall carrying a bottle of liquor he had brought all the way from Old Mexico. Well, I fell in love with that amber elixir and ever since I’ve been known as Te-Killya, since no one at that time knew how to spell tequila. I also carried a derringer in case a dancing partner got a little free with his hands. After all, I wasn’t a “soiled dove”.
Melanie Smith is retired. She has lived in California since she was four. She was born in Kansas. Her hobbies include reading, looking for authentic old west clothing, and cross-stitching.

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Te-Killya Rose
 Tequila Rose  Te-killya Rose
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Te-Killya Rose Te-Killya Rose 
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