Guns and Garters

My Pa wuz born in Montana. My Ma moved to Montana cuz she heard that all men wuz handsum and strong in Montana. She wuz right. After they got married I wuz born: handsum and strong.

When my folks died I took over the ranch. It wuz hard to keep things runnin' on my own. One cold winter day I wuz choppin' wood and outta nowheres came a truly delightful girl. I figgered she musta just dropped outta the sky.

From that day forward it weren't just me runnin' the ranch. My Truly Determined jumped right in and helped. One evening, when my Truly Dogtired didn't even have the energy left to walk frum the barn to the house, we decided it wuz time to sell out. We got a great price frum a handsum stranger.

Truly Divine and I hopped on a stage and headed south toward Kansas. We had heard the weather was warmer and the people wuz friendlier than in Montana. We settled there, but my Truly Disgusted didn't like it at all. There weren't nothing there but ranches, Indians, and a trading post. She kept lookin' at me kinda' evil-eyed and sayin', "Wichita? Wichita?" After awhiles that's all she would say to me. Even when we hopped a stage fer California all she could say was, "Wichita? Wichita?" Everyone that heard her thought that was my name so's I just kept it.

Once we got to California we settled down in a nice home and raised a wagon-load of handsum children. After awhiles we ran out of money. With a little encouragement from my Truly Devious we came up with a plan to rob a bank.

We got away with enuf money to last us a while. Of course, it ran out and we had to get sum more. We hopped on a payroll train and ran into the Guns and Garters Gang tryin' to rob the same payroll. They took a likin' to me (probably cuz I'm so handsum) and we joined their gang. The rest is history.
Born & raised in California, Bart Casillas enjoys watching football, playing golf, and working around the house. He is a husband, father, and grandfather. He enjoys taking care of all the horses, dogs, & goats he and his wife, Kelly (Truly) have.




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