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Calico:  Film Shoot

Calico Ghost Town asked us to represent them in their new advertising campaign.

Director of the film
These here pictures have big uns.  Iff'n you click on them you'll see.

October 2, 2008

Filming Dinky and Shiny
Filming Dinky and Shiny
The film shoot started outside the saloon.  Dinky played his fiddle and Shiny pretended to play the piano.
The mayor and his wife enter the saloon
The "mayor and his wife", Dusty and Missyanne, were told to walk into the saloon.
 Inside the saloon
Inside the saloon
Here's Buffalo cheatin' some women at cards.  Shame on you Buffalo! The camera went inside the saloon where the "townspeople" were sitting around playing cards, yakkin' it up, and drinkin'.
 Inside the saloon
There's the mayor and his wife belly up to the bar and the women Buffalo is cheatin' seem to be plannin' to take care of the problem.
 Walking on the streets of Calico
Then the film crew took to the streets of Calico.  The townsfolk were told to mosey up and down the street.
If you look closely you kin see Buffalo, Dinky, Shiny, Drop Dead Dee, Dusty, and Missyanne.
Walking on the streets of Calico
Walking on the streets of Calico
More walkin'. Tourists on the left are watchin' all this excitement.
 Walking on the streets of Calico
Walkin, talkin', and greetin' one another.

Standing around waiting   Riding the train
 There wuz a lot of standin' around waitin' on stuff.  They even had us act like modern day tourists ridin' the train.  Shiny's likin' it.
Shooting restaurant scenes z
They dun had everyone sit inside and outside the restaurant fer to pretend they wuz eating.
z z
Buffalo's talkin' with sum of the other folks that got dressed up fer this big production. Wherever we go we got tourists and folks with cameras takin' pictures of us.  Sumtimes they want us to stand with them.
Down below you kin see Dinky and Shiny gettin' the school kids to dance and clap.
Dinky and Shiny entertaining school children 

We wuz in Calico's televishun commershul!



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