Guns and Garters
Phoenix, AZ
Pioneer Living History Village
Sum of these here pictures have big uns.
Iff'n you click on them you'll see.

Buffalo and Dusty leanin' on a hitchin' post Dinky showin' somthing to Dee
Dee and Buffalo leaving town Dusty killing Buffalo
Dee and Rose going out of town together Dusty getting ready to kill Rose
Dee arguing with Dusty Shiny consoling and angry Dee
The sheriff is asleep
Robbers arguing Dinky pointing his gun at Rose
Two robbers kill the other two
Dee gets scared by a woman screaming Dee walking away from the bank door
Robbers sweet talking the sheriffRobbers sweet talking the sheriffRobbers sweet talking the sheriff
Dee gets a pie in the face A shot of whiskey flies out the door
Drop Dead Dee getting a pie in the face
Pie dripping off Dee's face Dee threatening to shoot Shiny

Dinky dying 



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