Guns and Garters
Safety Skit

As a part of our safety skit we demonstrate the power of the blanks that we use by shooting a milk carton and a soda can that contain a small amount of water.

We point out that these items are thicker than human skin.  We stress the fact that even unloaded guns can kill.

Before shooting we demonstrate how everyone can protect their ears by making "elephant ears".

We show the blown apart cans and bottles to the audience.
Calico 2010
Shooting a can 
Air from a blank shell blows up a milk jug 
Making elephant ears Hole blown in milk container 
22 derringer
Even a tiny gun has a powerful punch!
Air from a blank bullet blows up a soda can 
The safety skit demonstrates what can happen if you play with guns.
Littlfoot found a gun Littlefoot shoots the gun
The sheriff explains to Littlefoot that the gun she found needs to be turned in to the authorities.  Littlefoot doesn't understand because she was told the gun wasn't loaded.  Thinking it wasn't loaded, she pointed the gun in the air and fired it.

(We always use blanks, but our guns sound like and look like we are actually shooting bullets and shells.)
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Littlefoot shot the bullet into the air, but it came down and killed Dinky.  We feel it is very important to show that even shooting into the air is extremely dangerous.
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At the end of our safety skit each one of our members shares a safety tip about gun handling and storage.
Don't play with guns! 



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