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and Other Shindigs
Sum of these here pictures have big uns.
Iff'n you click on them you'll see.


Youse kin hire us to help make yer shindig a big success.  We is multi-talented and kin do all sorts of stuff besides our skits.
We did a big company party at the Lake Elsinore baseball stadium once.  Here's sum pitchers from a weddin' we did.
As you kin see we can do a lot more than just stand around and look purty.
Littlefoot at the guestbook Drop Dead and two gentlemen
We kin direct people to the guestbook.
Here's Littlefoot watchin' these two gals sign.
Drop Dead Dee is charmin' these two fellas.
She kin always make people smile.
Te-Killya Rose and Lilly Mae posin' Yakkin' Us walkin' around talkin' with folks
We did a lot of minglin' with the crowd and posin' fer pitchers.
Buffalo and Dusty Dusty pointin' his rifle at the wedding cake
Buffalo and Dusty are checkin' to make sure their rifles are ready fer to make sure the groom gets to the altar. Dusty's pretendin' to shoot the cake.
Calico and a small boy Calico and two saloon gals Four of us posin' fer a pitcher
The guests loved havin' their pitchers taken with us.  Those two gals with Calico came to the weddin' dressed like that.
All the guests were told to dress western fer the occasion.
Guests waitin' fer the weddin' to start Guests waitin' fer the weddin' to start
The guests turned around to see what the ruckus was up where the groom was comin' in.
Littlefoot filmin' the groom gettin arrested Dusty and Buffalo talkin' to the groom
The groom was confronted by the sheriff and his deputies and told they were there to get him to the altar.
Drop Dead Dee played the part of the groom's mother sayin', "You're gonna settle down and get hitched and stay outta trouble."
The groom told him that he ordered him a mail order bride.
Youse kin see Littlefoot filmin' it all so's the bride and groom could have the whole fiasco on tape.
The groom gettin' cuffed The groom bein' escorted down the aisle
Here's Dusty, the sheriff, puttin' cuffs (real cuffs from the 1800's) on the groom whiles Drop Dead makes sure he don't get away. The groom is escorted down the aisle.
Dinky playin' his fiddle Buffalo with his shotgun guardin' the groom and Drop Dead Dee makin' sure he gets hitched
Dinky dun played the wedding march fer the bride to come in on.
He kin hook it up to the sound system so's everyone kin hear.
Drop Dead and Buffalo are makin' sure the groom don't escape to the left.
Dusty Bull and Calico Charlie givin the guests a warnin' Dusty Bull and Calico Charlie givin the guests a warnin'
Dusty and Calico cocked their rifles and gave the evil eye to the guests
when the preacher asked if anyone knew a reason why the bride and groom shouldn't be married.
Littlefoot filmin'
Littlefoot filmin'
Littlefoot did a video of the whole shindig and the Guns and Garters webmaster/photographer took pictures fer the bride and groom.
We kin provide you with lots of different services as youse kin see.
Us puttin' on a skit Us puttin' on a skit
Us puttin' on a skit Us puttin' on a skit
Us puttin' on a skit Us puttin' on a skit
While's the bride and groom and wedding party wuz in gettin' their pitchurs took we put on sum skits to entertain the guests.
As you'se kin see the webmaster took pitchers.  She took a bunch more fer the bride and groom fer later.
Littlefoot set up her camera holder thing-a-ma-jig so's the skits was bein' filmed even when she wuz in them.




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