Guns and Garters
Yuma's Gathering
of the Gunfighters
Sum of these here pictures have big uns.  Iff'n you click on them you'll see.

Listening to the rules Cattlemen just came into town
Dusty and Ned listen to the rules of the competition Lookit' how dirty they got on the cattle drive!
Arguing about barbed wire Wait, Pa!
The cattlemen and the rancher argue about barbed wire "Wait, Pa!  I've got a bad feeling about this!"
Tempers are hot Sit down and have a drink
Dinky had clobbered the cattleman with a bottle and tempers are hot! "I aim to see you have a good time.
I'll pour you a drink on the house."
Let's get out of here A shootout
"Let's get out of here." Dinky points his gun at the cattlemen and tells them,
"It ain't happenin' no more!"
Grabbing the shotgun Miss Lilly trying to stop further bloodshed
Dinky gets shot and Dee grabs the bartender's shotgun Miss Lilly tries to stop Dee, "There's been enough bloodshed!"
Dee shoots the cattleman Getting judged
"May the devil cradle you in his arms!" Answering the judges' questions
3rd place gunfighter 3rd place
The best gunfighters Buffalo got 3rd place gunfighter
1st Place Best Character The outlaw, Drop Dead Dee, has been caught
Dusty got first place fer his actin' abilities The sheriff finally caught the outlaw Drop Dead Dee
2 sets of robbers The gunslingers know each other
Which set of outlaws is gonna rob the payroll? Them two gunslingers know each other
The payroll got delayed Get the sheriff!
Don't shoot!  The payroll isn't here yet! Nedidiah!  Get the sheriff!
Waking up the sheriff Missyanne stole the sheriff's keys
Wake up, sheriff! Missyanne dun stole the sheriff's keys so's she kin get Dee outta jail
Missyanne lets Dee out of jail The sheriff is in jail
Missyanne and Drop Dead Dee have locked up the sheriff "Never trust a woman in britches!"
All done Awards ceremony
We're dun.  Let's get our stuff and go Us at the award ceremony


Animated picture of Rose and Missyanne kissing up to the sheriff



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